The Dump and Chase Podcast Ep. 019 – Art Staple Returns for the NHL Trade Deadline
























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  1. Scheben

    The thing I don’t get. I genuinely liked the Vanek trade when it happened, and I defended Snow for it. But you knew who the UFAs were going to be this year, couldn’t you have predicted the market being this bad? Did we REALLY think we had a shot at signing this guy? Blegh, I don’t even know anymore. I’m not going to do it just yet (even though I should), but I’m jumping on the fire Snow bandwagon if he fails this Summer.

    • Shane Blackburn

      I still think that the Vanek trade was the right move at the time, it only becomes questionable because of the failure to get a proper return on the investment that it took to get him. I do think if the team had the year fans were hoping for and expecting there was a chance that Vanek would have resigned. I think the poor performance has a lot to do with his decision to not resign. This Summer is going to make or break Garth Snow as the Isles GM, and with the hole he seems to have dug with the fans, he has to succeed monstrously this off-season.

  2. […] word came out from Arthur Staple of Newsday on the dump and chase podcast that the Islanders were reluctant to retain some of Vanek’s salary to help push a deal along, […]

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