Daily Archives: December 19, 2013

The Dump and Chase Podcast Ep. 013 – The Vent Session

DumpandChaseThe boys share their many frustrations regarding both the team and a certain small percentage of Islander fandom, filled with the poison of disdain, which have made the losing all the more depressing and disheartening.
Guest panelist, Chris Triantafilis from EyesonIsles.com, helps to restore some order and even-handedness to our discussion.
We also ask whether or not NHL players have lost respect for another (and essentially, the game) as the rise in cheap-shots have done nothing to appease the debate.
Rich Dias-Rodrigues goes a on a slight rant, as his despondency with the fanbase forces his hand and forces him out of social media circles for a bit.
And yes Shane realizes this is Episode 13 not Episode 12…oops.
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