The Dump and Chase Podcast Ep. 008 – Art Staple!


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  1. TMS71

    Just discovered this. How did I not know about it until now? I’m on LLH every day. Anyway, this is great – keep it up.

    • Shane Blackburn

      We’re glad you found us! Thank you for the kind words, they are greatly appreciated! Hope you continue to enjoy the show!

  2. Scheben

    Loving the pod, looking forward to the next one!

  3. […] AUDIO: Prior to the Hurricanes game, Staple was on the Dump and Chase podcast with the guys from Eyes on Isles and talked about a myriad of subjects including Tavares’ temper, Andrew MacDonald’s next contract, getting back to playoff form and the Islanders’ struggling bottom six. Interview is about 45 minutes long and well worth a listen. [DC] […]

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